Fujitsu Electronics America, Inc. is now KAGA FEI America, Inc.

As previously announced, our parent company Fujitsu Electronics Inc. (FEI) has merged with Kaga Electronics Inc. of Japan (KAGA) to form a global supply chain and electronics manufacturing services conglomerate to provide world-class electronics component distribution and services to our partners and customers.

Accordingly, we have changed our name from Fujitsu Electronics America, Inc. to KAGA FEI America, Inc. effective December 29, 2020 to reflect the merger.

Fujitsu Electronics Inc. has been renamed KAGA FEI Co., Ltd.  Our overseas affiliates in Asia and Europe have also taken on corresponding new names on the same date.

We will continue to provide the high level of services to our customers with the spirit of “Everything We Do is for Our Customers”.

The following is a list of current and new names for the Fujitsu Electronics Group companies:

(E) English name, (J) Japanese name, (C) Chinese name

Before December 29, 2020 After December 29, 2020
(E) Fujitsu Electronics Inc. (J) 富士通エレクトロニクス株式会社 (E) KAGA FEI Co., Ltd. (J) 加賀FEI株式会社
(E) Fujitsu Device Inc. (J) 富士通デバイス株式会社 (E) NV DEVICES Co.,Ltd. (J) NVデバイス株式会社
(E) Fujitsu Electronics America, Inc. (E) KAGA FEI AMERICA, Inc.
(E) Fujitsu Electronics Europe GmbH (E) KAGA FEI EUROPE GmbH
(E) Fujitsu Electronics Pacific Asia Ltd. (C) 富士通電子亞太有限公司 (E) KAGA FEI ELECTRONICS PACIFIC ASIA LIMITED (C) 加賀富儀艾電子亞太有限公司
(E) Fujitsu Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (C) 富士通電子(上海) 有限公司 (E) KAGA FEI ELECTRONICS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (C) 加贺富仪艾电子(上海) 有限公司
(E) Fujitsu Electronics Korea Ltd. (E) KAGA FEI KOREA Ltd.
(E) Fujitsu Electronics (Dalian) Software Limited (C) 富士通電子科技(大連)有限公司 (E) KAGA FEI ELECTRONICS (Dalian) Software Limited* (C) 加贺富仪艾电子科技(大連) 有限公司*

About Kaga Electronics

Kaga FEI America, Inc. (KFAI) is a customer-focused electronics solutions provider. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we have very experienced professionals located throughout the U.S. to provide global supply chain and manufacturing services to our clients.

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